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Annual Maintenance

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Maintenance Plan Details

We know you rely on your HVAC systems every day. Our preventive maintenance plans help you avoid the inconvenience and discomfort that occasional repairs give you. We make sure that your HVAC systems and plumbing work effectively and efficiently, so you can work productively.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

Blackwell Heating & Air offers homeowners an annual service plan as well as a one-time HVAC tune-up for just $89. Our HVAC maintenance services include the following benefits:

  • Improves system performance

  • Increases energy efficiency

  • Reduces energy costs

  • Extends equipment lifespan

  • Helps prevent costly breakdowns

  • Improves system safety

What You Get

  • One seasonal air conditioning and one seasonal furnace tune-up

  • One-year warranty on repair parts and labor

  • Priority emergency service within 24 hours of your call

  • Preferred pricing on service, repair, installation and after-hours charges

  • Flexible Payment Plans-pay annually or monthly by credit/debit card

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"Great service from the appointment making to the service person who came out to my home. I would highly recommend this company!"


Julie Burkhalter

Go energy-efficient

Let Blackwell reduce your monthly energy bills

By going solar, you can eliminate your electric bill entirely, or significantly reduce  electricity costs, so they no longer affect your monthly budget.


Solar savings depend on different factors: how much energy your system produces, and how much your home consumes. However, the biggest factor is the monthly utility rates.


With an energy efficient system,  you will save more if electricity rates in your area are high. As electricity rates continue to rise, your savings will continue to grow every year over the 25+ solar system lifespan.

Comfort Club

Eliminate the surprise with Blackwell Heating and Air

Annual maintenance is one of the best gifts you can give your family. It allows your system to run at peak efficiency all year long. When a system is maintained annually, there are fewer issues and breakdowns.  


System maintenance will eliminate costly repairs and replacements. You will have peace of mind knowing that your system is both energy saving and money saving. Often, the energy savings are enough to cover the cost of a planned annual maintenance tune up.

Experience the peace of mind, knowing you are breathing clean, efficient air year around.

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