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Take Advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit valid through the end of 2019

Thousands of homeowners are already enjoying the benefits of clean, affordable solar energy from Blackwell Home Services. Don’t you want to be next?

We are the best value residential solar installer. To qualify for the full 30% tax credit, you must have 5% of your system paid, and building permit submitted by December 31, 2019. Don't wait. Get an estimate today. Free estimates and solar energy analysis.

Now is the Time!

With electric rates continuing to rise and the cost of going solar at record lows, right now is the best time to convert your home to solar power and make your home energy independent.

Energy Efficient Solar Services

Solar energy is a clean, renewable, affordable solution to reducing energy costs for home and business owners throughout the Lodi and Stockton area. It is estimated that installing solar panels can save you anywhere between 50 to 90 percent annually on your energy bills. For homeowners, this means more money to add to your budget for a long overdue family vacation, or simply a nice boost to your savings account.

For those who own a business in the Lodi, CA area, this can result in a budget surplus, a higher net profit, and more cash to allocate to other departments or resources within your business.

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Joshua Acup

$87 for a 30-Point Tune-up

New HVAC System for $49/week

Huge Rebates on Solar Packages

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